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Military Air Accident Investigation Branch (MilAAIB)

The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Military Air Accident Investigation Branch (MilAAIB) was established on 1 April 2011, in response to the Nimrod Review recommendation that called for the formation of a 'Joint Service Military Air Accident Investigation Branch' to undertake military air accident investigations in support of aviation Service Inquiries (SI).

The established Royal Navy and Army Air Accident Investigation teams joined with a newly formed RAF element to form a team of full-time, trained, specialised and experienced technicians and operators based in Farnborough. This has improved efficiency for Defence through rationalisation of the existing capabilities and elimination of duplication.

On the establishment of the MilAAIB, Air Marshal Timo Anderson, DG MAA, said:

"In meeting one of Mr Justice Haddon-Cave's key recommendations, the formation of the MilAAIB constitutes a significant step forward in independently regulating and assuring UK military Air Safety.

Fusing, rationalizing and developing what have until now been separate Service capabilities, the MilAAIB will deliver a responsive and coherent Joint investigation capability.

The Branch will play a crucial role in aviation Service Inquiries, drawing on a wealth of experience and quality training to provide independent, competent and effective investigations into UK military air accidents worldwide."